Channel Relays

*******Channel Relay 2011*******

In July 2011 the Dolphins channel relay squad of Jo Carter, Tony Fillingham, Adrian Moylan, Dave Mather, Dave Jones and Steve Connor, with team captain Chris Carter, will be attempting to swim the channel in relay.

Jo Carter is fund raising for Help for Heroes and Tony Fillingham is raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Update 13 July 2011

With a final squad meeting held at the Antrobus Arms last night, the team is ready and waiting for the call to travel to Dover when the conditions and tides are right, hopefully this will be in the next week.

Update 19th July 2011

It was a bit quiet at open water training tonight as our channel relay squad have had the call to travel down to Dover for their channel crossing attempt. They are scheduled to depart dover at 1am. Best of luck to the team.

Unfortunately Dave Mather could not make the swim due to his daughter's graduation and so team captain Chris Carter will be swimming in his place.

Update 20th July

1:30am They are underway, Steve Connor will be the first to brave the dark, cold waters, followed by Adrian, Jo, Tony, Dave and Chris.

Although we lost track of the support boat Suva on AIS, all was well and Tony sent updates via Facebook. In what is becoming a tradition for our teams, they were once again escorted part of the way by a pod of Dolphins.

After 13 hours 44 mintues of excellent swimming from the whole team they completed the crossing to France. Congratulations to all.

50th Anniversary Channel Relay 2014

Congratulations to our team of 6 swimmers :- Andy Sherratt, Rob Waterhouse, Stephne Douglas, Margaret Smith, Alan Pomfret and Marc Pomfret, who successfully completed the Dolphins 50th Anniversary Channel Crossing in a time of 15 hours 15 minutes.
The team raised funds for the local Children's Ward and Children's A & E department in Warrington. An excellent, detailed report by Rob Waterhouse below. Well done all !

Channel Relay 2007 - Two-way

Thanks to Michaela who organised the double crossing attempt this August, the Dolphins have now had their first 2-way crossing success. Under the pilotship of Dave Whyte the team crossed in 13hours 06mins and returned in 28hours 54mins.

The team was
Michaela Richard
Andy Wright
Jo Norton-Barker
Mark Blewitt
Chris Carter
Caroline Lewis

Relay Reports below

Channel Relay 2010

Three pilot boats were booked for 17th to 24th August 2010 but due to adverse weather conditions the swims could not be attempted.

The original teams were as follows:

Alison Streeter - Roco

Manager - Michaela Richard
Richard Walsh
Eve Fellows
Charlotte Dickinson
Connor Dean
Julie Mainwaring
Kevin Saunders

Eddy Spelling - Anastasia

Manager - Chris Carter
Steve Connor
June Morris
Mark Blewitt
Andy Sherratt
Julie Trevor
Jennifer Carter
Mandy Reid (see

Neil Streeter - Suva

Manager - Andy Wright
Courtney Dean
Laura Flaherty
Adrian Moylan
Sarah Beresford
Jo Norton-Barker
David Bowker

Two revised teams were hastily assembled and departed Dover in the early hours of Monday morning 31st August. Good luck to all taking part.

Reported as it happened:

1.30am Team Pacific on Suva (Michalea's team) Sets off

10.15am Still swimming with an estimated 5 hours to go.

13.14pm Team Pacific have Landed. Well done to all on that team.

2.45pm Team Southern on Anastasia is close to the French coast - not long now but the tide seems to have turned......

3.25pm They are just off Cap Gris-Nes

3.35pm Looks like they made it! Well Done team Southern

Final approach attached below.

Updated Swim Report

After the disappointment of the previous cancellations, two hastily assembled teams of swimmers set out to cross the English Channel.

Team Pacific: Conor Dean, Jo Norton-Barker, Eve Fellows, Charlotte Dickinson, Courtney Dean, David Bowker.
Team Manager: Michaela Richard

Team Southern: June Morris, Mark Blewitt, Sarah Beresford, Andy Sherratt, Jennifer Carter, Julie Trevor, Mandy Reid. Team Manager: Chris Carter

The team members received a call on Sunday 29th to be in Dover by midnight Monday 30th August for their Channel Relay attempts. Both teams were very excited and nervous as they rushed down to Dover, in readiness for what lay ahead.

With a start time of 1.29am on Tuesday 31st August 2010 the teams were going to have to swim in the dark. A new experience for many swimmers.

Both teams met their pilots and observers and left Dover Harbour for the start, at Samphire Hoe, east of Dover.

The first brave swimmers to enter the water were Conor Dean (Team Pacific) and June Morris (Team Southern) and they both quickly swam to the beach.

Rules state that they have to clear the water before getting back in to officially start the swim. Both swimmers were soon settled into their swimming following their respective pilot boats.

Each swimmer swam for an hour, taking it in turns, in the same order throughout the swim until they reached France.

It began a calm night with a slight breeze, but the wind gradually increased and the sea became a little bit choppy. Sea-sickness started to play a major role for some of the swimmers in both teams, but everyone was determined to finish and as dawn broke the coast of France was clearly visible.

Both teams of human Dolphins were escorted during part of their swim by a pod of baby Dolphins, which certainly enhanced the experience.

The English Channel is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world. Night and Day big tankers and cross channel ferries could be seen, as well as about 7 other channel swimmers, some solo swimmers and some other relay teams.

David Bowker stepped on to French soil for team Pacific giving the team a time of 11 Hours 31 mins.

June Morris for Team Southern stepped ashore after 14 Hours 4 mins.

Both teams had a wonderful experience and the team managers were very proud of their team's achievements particularly as they included a number of previously novice channel swimmers.

Well done to all.

Full report and course maps by Kevin Saunders below.


Channel Relay 40th Anv. July 2004

On 20-07-04 Andy Wright, Claire Dickinson, Alan Pomfret, Nicola Wright, Phil Taylor and Joe Coy, with Team Manager Chris Carter made a successful crossing in 14hours exactly.

see below for more details

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